Quality Policy


Oeste Argentino S.R.L. is a graphic services organization that focuses on using its expertise not only to meet our clients’ requirements but also assist them in developing effective solutions of the highest quality. 
As the company strives to consistently exceed standards of quality, efficiency and service, it considered highly important to possess the quality certification according to ISO 9001-2000 standards to crystallize the objectives towards which its efforts are directed:
1- Analyze and design a specific plan that meets the clients’ necessities. The company’s values are based on a complete orientation towards its clients’ requirements and expectatives.
2- Strengthen the production efficiency with the quality standards required by the client and the taxes regulations set by the system to get the consequential competitiveness and prestige.
3- Develop the management for continuous improvement of processes to get qualitative and quantitative optimum results and also complete the job timely and in due form.
4- Provide operators with adequate initial and in-service training regarding to technical issues as well as quality management regulations to achieve the consequential professional competence and responsibility in their performance.


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